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About Us
20 years experience in the plastic mechanical production area, JinHengli has created a production system that is professional, mature, and dependable in the design, development and construction of all kinds of plastic machine assistant equipment. Further to this, the company has established before-sale and after-sales service that is reassuringly customer-oriented, sincere, and professional technique superlative technical.   The company puts a high premium on making progress in its technical implementations and management style. Its production facility sits on the cutting edge. The mature technology facilitates a rigorous and reliable production and testing system and the ability to design and produce products to one-off specifications. The company does their utmost to canonize a sure and precise work attitude, teamwork, and employee involvement. It energetically assimilates international experience in production management, effectively localizing the knowledge and providing the company with a strong competitive edge and a talent resource hive   Today, with customers' trust and professional industry support, it has quickly and steadily become an open, self-confident and strong company. We believe in the idea of insist on satisfied the customers requirement, we will final gain rich profit.   We will improve the quality of the main product and keep updating our techniques, closely trace and study industry trends, and integrate corporate resources. We will improve our product quality, production techniques, professional services, management control, and integration of corporate resources, and advance our technical superiority. Improve the high definition-oriented new mechanical products. Make a scientific Strategic planning for corporation and production. Plan and get ready step by step for every industry update. Achieve our corporation sustainable development.   We will built an open, self-confident, steadily development flagship of the industry. Create the perfect production service. Share the improvement achievements with our partner. Create the industry value continually. Promote social utility.   We will built an pen, self-confident, steadily development flagship of the industry with their enthusiasm carve out spirit. Create the perfect product and perfect production service. Share the improvement achievements with our partner. JINHENGLI will create the industry value continually with achieve speediness self-development. Promote social utility.
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